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We’ve come to believe that therapists are the only ones who can help us when we’re suffering or feeling lost. But the truth is, you’re best equipped to be your own therapist because you know your fears and desires better than anyone. The problem is we hold on to the life we have because we don’t believe we can have the life we want.

Empowerment Coach Nikole Seals invites you to join her for insightful, transformative, and sometimes humorous conversations about the power of self therapy. Learn skills for transforming your life and overcoming your most challenging behavior. Listen in for support, connection, and insight from women who know the struggle is real.

Jul 31, 2018

We all struggle to manage our emotions. This doesn’t make us crazy, broken, or emotionally weak. It makes us human. Meet your host, Empowerment Coach Nikole Seals as she explains why our emotions make us feel out of control.

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