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Who helps the helpers? The My Inner Therapist Podcast supports the education and evolution of social workers, therapists, healthcare workers, and undervalued professionals who find themselves constantly questioning—why do I do this work?

Helping professionals are tasked with the overwhelming job of supporting the growth and healing of others. And more often than not, we do it at the sacrifice of our own health and sanity. The My Inner Therapist podcast hosted by social worker and instructor, Nikole Seals, is an inclusive space for helping professionals to get emotional support, mentoring, inspiration, and strategies for reinventing our careers.

Burnout, dissatisfaction, debt, and doubt shouldn’t be the norm. Learn what they don’t teach you in graduate school. Join Nikole and special guests as they candidly speak on workplace challenges, the emotional tax we pay, transitioning careers, and re-inventing yourself for a free agent economy. Listen, Learn, & Laugh your way to personal and professional fulfillment.

Apr 18, 2019

There’s a common misunderstanding that mental health diagnosis is the same as medical diagnosis of disease. And for you to make informed decisions about your mental health, you need to understand the difference.

This episode sheds light on the truth about how a diagnosis is determined and the life altering...

Apr 5, 2019

While most mental health professionals are talking about becoming therapist, Nikole is sharing her personal and professional story of why she didn’t. In this episode, Nikole explores the concept of conformity and how it often silences our questions about why we do what we do. It’s about trusting ourselves despite...