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Personal development is a 9 billion-dollar industry. Which makes you wonder—if we’re spending billions learning to be our best self, why do so many of us feel insecure and unfulfilled? Has our external focus on fixes like therapy and expensive seminars blinded us to our own natural ability to adapt and grow?


Those easy-to-be-happy, easy-to-be-rich, easy-to-be-well methods don’t work for most people. That’s because real growth and transformation must begin with self awareness. This show explores the powerful change that occurs when we become aware of our mental habits and tap into the power of our naturally resilient brains.


Social Worker and Cognitive Coach Nikole Seals invites you to join her for insightful, transformative, and surprisingly humorous conversations on becoming our own “inner therapist.” We’ll take the very necessary journey into our subconscious minds to shed light on the insecurity-driven beliefs and emotions that keep us stuck. Along the way, we’ll learn valuable skills for re-writing our stories, rewiring our brains, and adapting to what ever life throws at us.

May 22, 2019

Experiencing bouts of depression, anxiety, or grief doesn’t always equate to having a mental health disorder. There are numerous factors and physiological conditions that impair or disrupt normal brain functions and leave us feeling—off. On this week’s episode of the My Inner Therapist Podcast, you’ll learn...

May 9, 2019

Have you ever thought about going for that promotion or changing careers only to be held back by your fears and doubts? Or maybe you want to start a side and don’t know how to get it started. I invite you to eavesdrop on a conversation with my special guest, associate clinical social worker Kim Strong as we discuss...

May 1, 2019

Are you living your authentic life? What does that even mean? In today’s show, Nikole gives her take on what it means to find your truth. She identifies the one common motivator we all share in our pursuit of authentic living. Nikole shares her tips and techniques for peeling back the layers and questions if we can...