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Personal development is a 9 billion-dollar industry. Which makes you wonder—if we’re spending billions learning to be our best self, why do so many of us feel insecure and unfulfilled? Has our external focus on fixes like therapy and expensive seminars blinded us to our own natural ability to adapt and grow?


Those easy-to-be-happy, easy-to-be-rich, easy-to-be-well methods don’t work for most people. That’s because real growth and transformation must begin with self awareness. This show explores the powerful change that occurs when we become aware of our mental habits and tap into the power of our naturally resilient brains.


Social Worker and Cognitive Coach Nikole Seals invites you to join her for insightful, transformative, and surprisingly humorous conversations on becoming our own “inner therapist.” We’ll take the very necessary journey into our subconscious minds to shed light on the insecurity-driven beliefs and emotions that keep us stuck. Along the way, we’ll learn valuable skills for re-writing our stories, rewiring our brains, and adapting to what ever life throws at us.

Jun 26, 2019

In this last episode of Season 1, Nikole discusses next seasons plans to create an inclusive, safe space where women of color can learn valuable skills for managing bias and exclusion while getting insightful advice for overcoming the mental barriers of doubt and inferiority that keeps us from reaching our potential....

Jun 12, 2019

Are you aware of how emotional suffering and pain gets passed down from one generation to the next? Not many people do because we unknowingly inherit this pain and rarely make the connection to our present-day circumstances.

In this episode, Nikole shares her personal journey of discovering her generational pain and how...

Jun 6, 2019

Calling all Women! Let's have a candid talk about why we tear each other down. Now, more than ever, we need to look past our difference and learn to support and uplift each other. Start by surrounding yourself with like-minded women. I’ll share my advice for creating a powerful network of supportive women and how...