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We’ve come to believe that therapists are the only ones who can help us when we’re suffering or feeling lost. But the truth is, you’re best equipped to be your own therapist because you know your fears and desires better than anyone. The problem is we hold on to the life we have because we don’t believe we can have the life we want.

Empowerment Coach Nikole Seals invites you to join her for insightful, transformative, and sometimes humorous conversations about the power of self therapy. Learn skills for transforming your life and overcoming your most challenging behavior. Listen in for support, connection, and insight from women who know the struggle is real.

Nov 29, 2018

Has stress and depression become expected side effect of the holidays? Or can we prevent these strong emotions from creeping up on us and stealing our joy?

Listen in as I explore some of the common social triggers that set us off during the holidays. I’ll also share strategies on how to stop your emotions from having...

Nov 20, 2018

Have you ever thought of just saying “No” to holiday stress? Well maybe you should. Turns out we can bring back the joy and good feels of the holiday by “opting out” of the practices and traditions that make us feel bad. Join Nikole as she discusses why we subject ourselves to the madness of the holidays and how...

Nov 14, 2018

Telling ourselves stories is natural. We all do it and we do it often. Yet most of us are totally unaware when our stories prevent us from having the experiences we want. Today, were going to explore the driving motivation behind our stories and ask ourselves, “are my stories working for me or against me?”


Nov 7, 2018

If you experience feelings of unworthiness or constantly feel like you must prove yourself, chances are you have become dependent on others to determine your self worth. Today’s episode explores how we use competition to determine our value.

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